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Part of the problem found when online gaming is the lack of available resources for some players. In an effort to ensure each player has the same chance of knowing the ins and outs of the game, we are providing an extensive collection of resources for the players to peruse.
Below you will find a table listing the categories of stored information we have in our archives. To search for the information you want, click on the game then on the relevant sub-heading on the page that follows.

Vampire : the Masquerade Resources.
Werewolf : the Apocalypse Resources.
Changeling : the Dreaming Resources.
Mage : the Ascension.
Hunter: the Reckoning Resources.
Other World of Darkness Resources.

In addition to resource material, we provide players with the oppurtunity to express themselves in an open discussion forum. DE provides three forums for its guests, an In Character, an Out of Character and a F.A.Q/Feedback forum. These can all be accessed via the banner-links below.